Raw Herbs

Raw Herbs
    • Amla Supari


      Amla’s rich in Vitamin C while ginger is great for digestion and no tastier way for your body to get these nutrients than Amla supari. Stock up at home or even in your office and have this healthy digestive supplement with zero guilt.  Pure sun-dried amla combined with ginger with some rock salt and black salt to taste makes for…

    • Balguti


      Benefits of Green Pharmacy Balguti A natural and organic baby health tonic with no artificial chemicals or additives. Containing Manuka, Suntha, Bal Hirda, Halad, Jyeshtamadh and other herbs, Balguti has been designed specifically for the delicate constitution of young babies. Boosts the general immunity of your newborn child. An easy and effective way to safeguard your tiny tot from minor…

    • Jeshthamadh Stick


      Liquorice roots are soothing to throat. It is a natural mouth freshner. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Khus Luffa


      An aromatic medicinal plant, khus has a rough and uneven texture that makes it a great natural scrub for your body. Combining soap with khus loofa can transform your daily bath into a healthy exfoliating routine to get rid of dead skin cells in a jiffy. Unlike plastic loofas that can be too rough on the delicate skin of your…

    • Shothahar Lepa


      ‘Shotha’ means Inflammation and ‘Har’ means to defeat or overcome, that’s Green Pharmacy Shothahar Lepa for you.  An anti-inflammatory plaster that is natural, organic, and completely safe to use. Infused with herbs and medicinal plants with anti-inflammatory properties, just applying lukewarm paste of the Shothahar Lepa on the area of swelling or inflammation should provide fast-acting and sustained relief. [sc…

    • Vavding


      For natural worm removal. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Vekhand


      It acts as a stimulant it helps in speech disorder. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

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