• Gomutra Arka


      Extracted and distilled from gomutra of desi cow, our Gomutra Arka is processed in a controlled environment to minimize loss of nutrients. Benefits of gomutra include cleansing of our digestive system and flushing of toxins out of our body. Also, you can look forward to glowing healthy skin through regular consumption of Gomutra Arka.  Rediscover the magic of our ancient…

    • Guggul Lotion


      Why dump chemicals on your skin when Guggul gum’s anti-inflammatory properties does the same job with zero risks of side effects? Guggul helps boost blood circulation, which means it can be a great way to burn excess fat in your body too. Just apply the guggul lotion on the flabby areas and watch your body burn more fat during your…

    • Shilakumbha Tablets


      Simply switching to healthy snacks and meals won’t help unless you detoxify your body and equip it to flush out the toxins. Our Shilakumbh tablets are made by preparing a decoction containing numerous herbs and medicinal plants including ambehalad, kadavi nai, jambhul, guduchi, kokam, karle, and more.  With no risk of side effects, these tablets are a safe and effective…

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