Cough & Cold

Cough & Cold
    • Adulsa Syrup


      It’s no longer safe to treat the common cold and cough as minor ailments, which is why you need the healing power of Green Pharmacy’s Adulsa syrup. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Amrutdhara


      A blocked or congested nose can make your life a living hell, which is why our Ayurvedic respiratory stimulant is named Green Pharmacy Amrutdhara—flow of nectar.  Containing the essence of aromatic herbs like Ovaphool, Bhimseni, Kapoor, and Pudinaphool, a whiff of this respiratory stimulant will soothe your blocked airways, ease breathing easy, and make life worth living again!  [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Eladi Vati


      Eladi Vati contains virtually all the herbs commonly recommended for throat pain—khadisakhar, Jeshtimadh, Khajur, Manuka, Madh, Dalchini and more. Instead of fussing around with different herbs and concoctions, just one pill of Eladi Vati should do the trick.  With work days filled with Zoom meetings and conference calls, bid adieu to irritating throat trouble and find your booming voice again.…

    • Jeshthamadh Stick


      Liquorice roots are soothing to throat. It is a natural mouth freshner. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Khokla Kadha


      Kaadha is the traditional Indian remedy for common yet troublesome ailments like cold, sore throat, cough, and other respiratory disorders.  Green Pharmacy’s Khokla Kadha combines the goodness of a wide range of anti-cough herbs with the convenience of an easy-to-drink syrup that can be consumed by both adults as well as children.  [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Vekhand


      It acts as a stimulant it helps in speech disorder. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

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