A Quick Guide on Buying Quality Baby Skin Care Products with Safest Ingredients

It’s probably impossible to find anything softer and more delicate than your baby’s skin. Obviously, the baby care products you…

Back to the Roots!

Oiling your hair is – just a waste of time – an icky sticky experience with zero benefits – a…

Why Handmade Soaps are Better Than Commercial Detergent Bars

तुम हुस्न परी तुम जानेजहाँ, तुम सबसे हसीं, तुम सबसे जवाँ And you just sang सौंदर्य साबुन निरमा in your…

Abhyanga Snan

दीप सूर्याग्निरुपस्त्वं तेजसां तेज उत्तमम्‌ | गृहाण मत्कृतां पूजां सर्वकामप्रदो भव॥ दिव्यांचे महत्व असलेली दिवाळी, ज्याने पूर्वापार इडापीडा टळो व…

Cold Pressed oils – New Age Superheroes for Skin

‘Chekku’, ‘Ghani’ and ‘Kolhu’!! If you think these are some weird nicknames of my future kids, then well, you are…

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