• Amrutdhara


      A blocked or congested nose can make your life a living hell, which is why our Ayurvedic respiratory stimulant is named Green Pharmacy Amrutdhara—flow of nectar.  Containing the essence of aromatic herbs like Ovaphool, Bhimseni, Kapoor, and Pudinaphool, a whiff of this respiratory stimulant will soothe your blocked airways, ease breathing easy, and make life worth living again!  [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Badishep Arka


      Badishep Arka combines three herbs that have always been a part of traditional Ayurvedic remedies for stomach and gas-related problems. The primary herb Badishep is combined with Ova or ajwain or carom seeds and Jeyshtamadh to provide sustained relief from the problem.  Just combine these Carminative with healthy diet and regular exercising and say goodbye to flatulence and abdomen pain…

    • Chyavanprash


      No better way to jumpstart the day than with Green Pharmacy’s A2 Chyavanprash. Just imagine what this fantastic combination of 37 herbs, honey, Ghee, and sugar will do for your immunity? [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Gomutra Arka


      Extracted and distilled from gomutra of desi cow, our Gomutra Arka is processed in a controlled environment to minimize loss of nutrients. Benefits of gomutra include cleansing of our digestive system and flushing of toxins out of our body. Also, you can look forward to glowing healthy skin through regular consumption of Gomutra Arka.  Rediscover the magic of our ancient…

    • Haridradisar Gandush


      Haridradisar Gandoosh contains Jeshtimadh, Vekhand, Halad, Beheda, Dalchini and other herbs that will cleanse your mouth of germs and impurities and give you effective relief from the problem of bad breath.  For best results, do Gandoosh or gargling twice or thrice a day and make it a part of your oral care routine just like brushing and flossing. 

    • Khokla Kadha


      Kaadha is the traditional Indian remedy for common yet troublesome ailments like cold, sore throat, cough, and other respiratory disorders.  Green Pharmacy’s Khokla Kadha combines the goodness of a wide range of anti-cough herbs with the convenience of an easy-to-drink syrup that can be consumed by both adults as well as children.  [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Ova Arka


      Ayurvedic Gripe water. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

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