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Benefits of Green Pharmacy Balguti

  • A natural and organic baby health tonic with no artificial chemicals or additives.
  • Containing Manuka, Suntha, Bal Hirda, Halad, Jyeshtamadh and other herbs, Balguti has been designed specifically for the delicate constitution of young babies.
  • Boosts the general immunity of your newborn child.
  • An easy and effective way to safeguard your tiny tot from minor health issues.
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Green Pharmacy Balguti combines the ageless wisdom of our grandmothers with ancient Ayurvedic herbs to create the perfect health tonic for newborn babies.


  • Balguti is prepared on the stone base traditionally used in Indian homes to make home remedies and Ayurvedic preparations.
  • Add a drop of mother’s milk or clean water on the stone and rub each Balguti herb on the stone in a circular grinding motion.
  • Rub/Grind the herb once on the stone in the first month. Increase the number of times the herb is ground/rubbed as your baby grows i.e. two times per herb for a two-month baby, three times for a three-month baby, and so on.

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