• Agmark Honey


      The best thing about honey is that, unlike artificial sweeteners, any dish combined with honey—from traditional kheers and laddus to modern cookies and biscuits to even salads and sandwiches—only becomes yummier and tastier! Also, honey can be a powerful addition to your skincare regime because it has powerful antiseptic properties and is very good for your skin.   Green Pharmacy’s Honey…

    • Agmark Keshar


      The quality of this product is assured by AGMARK (Government of India). Saffron is popular as a natural colour, flavour, cosmetic, food and herbal medicine. Saffron imparts milk and food yellowish red (known as saffron red) tinge. Saffron is popular to enhance appearance, flavour, and taste of food. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

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