A Quick Guide on Buying Quality Baby Skin Care Products with Safest Ingredients

It’s probably impossible to find anything softer and more delicate than your baby’s skin. Obviously, the baby care products you choose will have to be softer and milder and yet nourishing and effective at the same time. Finding the safest baby skin care products goes beyond just scanning the list of ingredients. That’s important but there’s more to the process…

Back to the Roots!

Oiling your hair is – just a waste of time – an icky sticky experience with zero benefits – a time pass activity that makes no difference to the health of your hair – essential but who has the time for all that, yaar! If this is you, then here is a friendly warning! Be prepared for lots of hair…

Why Handmade Soaps are Better Than Commercial Detergent Bars

तुम हुस्न परी तुम जानेजहाँ, तुम सबसे हसीं, तुम सबसे जवाँ And you just sang सौंदर्य साबुन निरमा in your head, right? From Lifebouy hai jahan to the Liril waterfall, soap adverts sure were a lot of fun to watch. Unfortunately, despite these fantastic ads, people never really bought soaps. In fact, chances are high that you have never really…

Abhyanga Snan

दीप सूर्याग्निरुपस्त्वं तेजसां तेज उत्तमम्‌ | गृहाण मत्कृतां पूजां सर्वकामप्रदो भव॥ दिव्यांचे महत्व असलेली दिवाळी, ज्याने पूर्वापार इडापीडा टळो व बळीराजाचे राज्य येवो असे म्हटले जाते. याचाच अर्थ दिव्यांच्या तेजाने जे सूर्य व अग्नीचे रुप आहे त्याने दु:ख, अंधकार, रोगराई यांचा नाश होऊ दे व सुख, आरोग्य, समृध्दी नांदू दे. याचीच सुरूवात दिवाळी पासून होते. नरक चतुर्दशी म्हणजेच दिवाळीचा दुसरा…

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