Cooking Oils

Cooking Oils

The secret to healthy and tasty eating may be as simple as switching to Green Pharmacy’s Cooking Oils.

Our range of cooking oils are cold pressed, which means you will enjoy the taste and aroma of sesame seeds, groundnuts, coconuts, sunflower, and castor seeds along with the goodness of the antioxidants and other nutrients preserved by the cold pressing process. 

All our cooking oils are AGMARK approved, which means zero worries about the quality of the product.

Add a bit of variety into your cuisine with sesame oil for the cold winters, groundnut oil and sunflower oil for traditional dishes, coconut oil for exotic dishes, and castor oil for a quick detox afterwards. 

    • Castor Oil {Processed Oil}


      The perfect remedy for constipation and other digestive issues since time immemorial, Green Pharmacy’s Castor Oil is a must-have product in your medicine cabinet. This natural laxative often is the best and safest option to clean out the stomach and intestines.  [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Coconut Oil (खोबरेल तेल)


      Green Pharmacy’s Coconut Oil is the undisputed leader of the rare category of ‘cooking + beauty’ oils.  Coconut oil is a great beauty oil that can be applied to our hair and skin. It nourishes the connective tissues in our skin, helps maintain the pH balance in our scalp, and has antiseptic properties.  [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Groundnut Oil {शेंगदाणे तेल}


      Just because it is the standard choice in all kitchens across India does not mean it cannot become better. Make your food tastier and healthier with Green Pharmacy’s Groundnut Oil. All our oils are cold pressed, which means there’s absolutely zero loss of essential nutrients due to heat generated in the standard process of pressing of oils. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Linseed Oil {जवस तेल}


      Simply adding a dash of linseed oil to your roti dough or in your sabzi will ensure your family eats healthy without compromising on taste or flavor.  Our linseed oil is cold pressed, which means most of its nutrients are locked in the oil and not lost during the manufacturing process. Further, our oils are Agmark approved, which means zero…

    • Mahua Oil {मोह तेल}

      Like neem oil, Mahua oil is a wonderful natural repellent of mosquitoes and other pests. This means switching from edible oils to cold-pressed Mahua oil for your pooja diyas can help you avoid harsh chemicals used in repellent products.  As with our entire range of oils, this product too is manufactured as per the strict quality standards of Agmark, which…

    • Mustard Oil {मोहरी तेल}


      Mustard oil is very effective in heating up your body, which is it is the traditional choice for cooking as well as for massages during the long and cold winter months.  Green Pharmacy Mustard Oil gives you the double advantage of cold pressing for minimal loss of nutrients and Agmark certification for total guarantee of quality. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Nigerseed Oil {कारळे तेल}


      Our cold-pressing technique prevents loss of nutrients from our edible and beauty oils. This means you get more bang for your buck in terms of better taste, good health, and greater nutrition for your family.  Our entire range of oils is Agmark certified, which is the gold standard for certification of edible foods in India. Alternate between different edible oils…

    • Safflower Oil {करडई तेल}


      Love the taste of ‘sweet’ oil that’s made by combining different types of edible oils at home? Then you just cannot afford to ignore safflower oil, which is combined with groundnut and sesame oils to recreate the awesome taste of the dishes of your childhood. Cold-pressed oil expands in volume when heated, which means our range of edible and Agmark…

    • Sesame Oil {तीळ तेल}


      And for good reason too. Sesame oil is a balanced oil that contains different type of essential fatty acids in the perfect proportion. Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E and K, our cold-pressed sesame oil is better for your health compared to less-healthy refined oils. All our oils are Agmark certified, which means you are guaranteed a healthy and adulteration-free…

    • Sunflower Oil {सूर्यफूल तेल}


      All our cooking oils are cold pressed, which means zero loss of nutrients to heat during the manufacturing process. This means more goodness in every spoon of oil. Further, cold-pressed oils are more dense, which means even a little sunflower oil will go a long way in making your food tastier.    And our Agmark certification means you can rely on…

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