Khokla Kadha
Khokla Kadha

Khokla Kadha


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Kaadha is the traditional Indian remedy for common yet troublesome ailments like cold, sore throat, cough, and other respiratory disorders. 

Green Pharmacy’s Khokla Kadha combines the goodness of a wide range of anti-cough herbs with the convenience of an easy-to-drink syrup that can be consumed by both adults as well as children. 

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Khokla Kadha contains Jeshtamad or Mulethi, Suntha or dry ginger, Javas, Tulas or Tulsi, Halad or turmeric, Gavti chaha, and other herbs that have always been a part of traditional ayurvedic remedies for cough and cold. 

 This gentle yet effective remedy is a great alternative to pumping your body with chemicals and antibiotics that only increase the risk of superinfections and other more serious health problems. 

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