• Aloe Vera Soaps (Floral)

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      The moisturizing and hydrating powers of aloe vera is supplemented by the soft and rich feel of coconut oil, which makes this soap suitable for even those with very delicate skin.  Each bar of soap is handmade, which means it is less of a beauty product and more of a handcrafted beauty experience for a refreshing bathing experience at all…

    • Hand Made Soap (Pack of 3)


      The Snan handmade soap is the standard option while Abhyanga will help you relive the traditional Diwali early-morning bath. And Sugandhi, as the name suggests, is all about experiencing the exotic scents of aromatic herbs used in these gentle cleansing soaps.   [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Panchagavya Handmade Soap


      The Sanskrit word Panchagavya means mixture of 5 cow products. The three direct constituents are cow dung, urine and milk; the two derived products are curd and ghee. Green Pharmacy Panchagavya soap is a sulphate free, handmade soap enriched with Panchagavya ghrita. Nourish your skin with Panchagavya soap.Free from animal fat. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Bathing Bar


      Hate the idea of using half a dozen products just for a clean bath? Want something functional and convenient without compromising on quality? Well, Green Pharmacy’s A2 Bathing Bar is just the thing for you! [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Panchamrut Soap


      Ayurveda describes the mixture of Cow’s milk, Ghee, Curd, Honey, and Sugar as Panchamrut or the five nectars of goodness and wellbeing. With Green Pharmacy’s Panchamrut soap, your baby’s daily bath will be a rejuvenating and cleansing experience. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Neem Karanjel Soap


      Transform your daily bath into a therapeutic experience for your skin with Green Pharmacy’s Neem Karanjel Soap Neem is the universal Ayurvedic remedy for preventing diseases and boosting immunity. Karanjel is a medicinal herb that’s used primarily in natural treatments and cures for skin disorders. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Aloe Vera Soap


      Combining the pulp of aloe vera with the flowers of Calendula creates the oil that serves as the primary ingredient of this soap. And unlike the conventional machine-based manufacturing process that destroys all the nutrients, this handmade soap retains all the goodness of its ingredients.  Gentle yet effective cleansing agent suitable for the entire family, our aloe vera soap is…

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