Body Scrubs

Body Scrubs
    • Abhyanga Utane


      The traditional Utane is an all-in-one cleansing agent that simultaneously cleanses, deodorizes, and disinfects your skin. Mix the powder with water or milk to make a paste and apply all over your body. A quick wash and you are good to go! Containing Sugandhi Kachora, the tried-and-tested Masoor dal, Gopichandan, Vala, Nagarmotha, Anantamool and other beneficial herbs, Abhyanga Utane is…

    • Snan Utane


      The Process of udvartan is an invigorating procedure done with scrubbing that exfoliate the dead skin, leaving you with radiant, toned, and clean skin. Snan utane is a blend of elite herbs for healthy and beautiful skin. Regular use of this ensures appropriate nourishment of the skin; which in turn secures sweat and sebum secretions. This essentially keeps the body…

    • Sugandhi Utane


      An aromatic and cleansing scrub containing different medicinal plants and herbs, Sugandhi Utane is a powder that can be made into a paste by mixing with milk or rosewater and applied on the body during the bath.  Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and say hello to Vala, Anantmool, Tulas, Avla, Neem Pan, Masoor dal, Gulab, Til and other herbs that…

    • Ubtan Cream


      The goodness of traditional Indian skincare knowledge combined in an easy-to-apply, wash off cream that makes it so easy to clean, protect, and nourish your skin. This creamy scrub brings together the silky texture of Kokam butter with the antibiotic powers of neem extract powered with Triphala or the blend of thee cleansing and rejuvenating fruits. From tackling pimples in…

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