Skin Disorders

Skin Disorders
    • Neem Karanjel Lotion


      Neem is a powerful antiseptic and Karanj is a slightly milder alternative, which is why we have combined the two and added a bit more to create the perfect lotion to help you enjoy a natural and healthy skincare routine. Extract of neem combined with Karanj tel creates a powerful shield to protect your body from infections and other irritants.…

    • Neem Tel


      Neem is a very powerful natural anti-infective agent, which makes Green Pharmacy’s Neem Oil a smart way to protect yourself and your family from minor skin problems.  [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Shatadhauta Ghrita


      Cream or ghee obtained from cow milk is one of the best solutions for general skin care, which is why Green Pharmacy’s Shatadhauta Ghrita uses the purest ingredients from desi cows.  From treating cracks in your soles and palms to dry skin, Shatadhauta Ghrita offers quick relief for all. It is also a useful thing to have in hand for…

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