• Amla Murabba (Candy)


      You can have the amla murabba as an accompaniment or use it has a healthy alternative to junk food when you want to have a sweet snack at work.  Rich in proteins and a quick source of energy, our amla murabba is completely free of artificial colors and other harmful chemicals. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Amla Tablet


      Struggling with low energy levels throughout the day? Acidity troubling you? Want a tangy and peppy snack but scared of processed or junk foods? All you need is Green Pharmacy’s Avla tablets. Rich in vitamin C and a trusted source of instant energy for the body, Avla has the perfect balance of tang, sourness, and juiciness to make your taste…

    • Avipattikar Tablet


      Say goodbye to chemical medicines and start popping Green Pharmacy’s Avipattikar tablets the next time you have acidity.  Avipattikar churna containing nine herbs mixed with candy sugar is a very effective remedy for hyperacidity. If you want something more convenient than mixing the churna into water and drinking it three or four times a day, then just switch to our…

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