Kumkumadi Tel: Understanding the Power & Benefits of This Miracle Beauty Oil

Why is Kumkumadi Oil such a big deal? It’s not as if other oils don’t have their benefits. Sesame or til, almond, and even the good old coconut oil is very beneficial for our skin. So, why exactly is Kumkumadi tel treated as the King, Queen, and Prime Minister of the kingdom of beauty oils?

Among all beauty oils, Kumkumadi oil is a big deal because it isn’t just oil extracted from a seed or herb. Rather, it has a base oil, mostly sesame oil, that’s infused with various herbs, Chandan or sandal, saffron or keshar, and even cow milk.

In the world of beauty oils, Kumkumadi oil is like the supplement pill that gives your skin the benefits of all the oils combined and then a bit more!

Benefits of Kumkumadi Oil

Soft, supple, and glowing skin is a clear sign of good health, and Kumkumadi tel is the simplest and easiest way to improve your skincare routine.

The combination of sesame oil, desi cow milk, saffron, Chandan, and 21 other herbs offers benefits like Cleansing of skin pores and removal of excess oils from your skin, which makes Kumkumadi a natural way to prevent acne and pimples.

The antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and disinfectant properties of the herbs in the oil will help your skin heal faster and stay supple and healthy.

Sesame oil combined with keshar and chandan will improve skin tone, remove blemishes, and restore the natural glow in your skin.

Adding the X-Factor to Kumkumadi Tel

The secret that makes our range of beauty oils including Kumkumadi oil truly special is that we rely only on cold-pressed oils. Cold press oil extraction involves zero heat, which helps preserve the natural nutrients in the oil.

When combined with the power of skincare herbs described in Ayurveda and exotic ingredients like sandal and saffron, our Kumkumadi oil is just the thing for your skincare routine.

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