A Quick Guide on Buying Quality Baby Skin Care Products with Safest Ingredients

It’s probably impossible to find anything softer and more delicate than your baby’s skin. Obviously, the baby care products you choose will have to be softer and milder and yet nourishing and effective at the same time.

Finding the safest baby skin care products goes beyond just scanning the list of ingredients. That’s important but there’s more to the process of identifying the best skin care products for your baby.

Quality Certifications

Your search for quality and safe baby care products will become a lot easier if you stick to manufacturers with quality certifications issued by government and global certifying agencies.

A company with Food and Drug Authority GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), government AGMARK, and ISO 9001:2015 certifications is obviously more trustworthy than somebody who has just created an Insta or FB page to resell ‘quality’ baby skin care products.

These certifications aren’t just fancy designations. Companies have to follow very rigorous quality standards and processes to qualify for these certifications, especially when making products for baby care.

So, even before you look at individual products and their ingredients, the first step is to look for quality certifications.

Ayurveda First—Always

The simplest way to choose baby skin care products and other baby care products with safe ingredients is to stick to natural, organic, and herbal ingredients. This makes Ayurveda the obvious source for your baby care products.

From the right set of herbs for making massage oil for babies to the mildest natural ingredient for baby scrubs, Ayurveda is a treasure house of knowledge about safeguarding our physical and mental health and wellness.

But just anybody can claim to make ‘Ayurvedic’ products, right? This is where government certifications help weed out those who simply want to use Ayurveda as a marketing tag without really being committed to using genuine Ayurvedic ingredients and manufacturing practices.

Check the Ingredients List

Never ever buy a product for your baby without going through the list of ingredients on the product’s label. If the ingredients are not listed, then just dump it because it’s a warning sign.

Second, don’t presume all chemicals are bad. Obviously, some types of chemicals like sulphates are best avoided because they cause more harm than good to the baby. But some mild chemicals used in the right quantities can be good for the baby’s skin.

So, prefer massage oils, and mild baby shampoos and bath soaps made primarily with natural ingredients. A tender coconut tearless shampoo with mild and safe preservatives used is obviously a better choice than one filled with chemicals.

Soap containing the goodness of Panchamrut—the five natural products commonly used in skin care— and glycerin will cleanse your baby’s delicate skin of all the germs without any risk of allergies or rashes or itches.

Taking care of a baby—from bathing to feeding to skin care to kadhas and balgutis—requires a holistic system. The best choice for baby care products would be a seller who understands this and adopts the same approach when manufacturing baby care products.

Green Pharmacy has done years of research referring to ancient Ayurvedic literature, selection of indigenous herbs, and study of modern formulations to provide best of products to their customers.

In Green Pharmacy, we use modern age technologies to rediscover nature’s secrets and formulate highest quality products. Considering the strong emphasis on its quality, Green Pharmacy was awarded with the quality certifications like GMP by Food and Drugs Administration, ISO 9001:2015 by Bureau Veritas, global leader certifying agency, and AGMARK by the Government of India.

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