Arogya Dhoop

Dhoop remains an important part of the daily Pooja rituals, which is a religious offering performed by all to their God, especially during the beginning of new venture or to commemorate some special occasion. The smoke is believed to ward off demons and cleanse the air around, and as a blessing to the new born babies.


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The goodness of Panchagavya (holy cow’s milk, curd, ghee, urine and dung) and Ud, Dhoop, Ova, Shopa, Vavding, Guggul, this dhoop is perfect for homemade Dhuri with no atrifial perfume.

Ud, Dhoop, Ova, Shopa, vavding, guggul and Panchagavya.

Incense stick should glow red all over the tip for proper burning. Caution: keep out of children’s reach. Make sure the ash falls on the fire proof surface.