Amore Time Reversing

Helps to improve complexion, skin texture, minimises fine lines and evens skin tone.


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Complete correction cream Amore time reversing complete correction cream reconditions your tender skin. Green tea gives anti-ageing effect due to its high amount of antioxidant while vit B3 helps improve complexion, skin texture, reduces fine lines and uneven skin tone.It boosts your skin with moisture by making it visibly firmer and younger looking.

Green Tea extract, liquid paraffin, stearic acid, PG,IPM,alkyl benzoate C12-C15, TEA,GMS,Cetyl alcohol,DMDMH,Carbomer 940,Niacinamide,Vit E, kojic acid, arbutin,dlP,EDTA and perfume.

Massage the cream on your face and neck using upward and circular motion. Gentle enough for everyday use.