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Retail - Since 1993

Green Pharmacy has had their Flagship Store in Karvenagar, Pune since 1993. The store proudly showcases the journey throughout the years, displaying over 300 SKUs under one roof. In 2023, we launched another store in the heart of Pune city: Sadashiv Peth. This store is fairly new, but a very convenient option for all our distributors and wholesalers. This year, in 2024 we opened out Nagpur store. Honourable Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India Nitinji Gadkari inaugurated our store. At any Green Pharmacy retail store, every time you purchase a product, or return an empty packing, we add loyalty points to the customer's account. Once a customer reaches the minimum range of loyalty points, they become eligible to redeem their points and get a cash discount. By observing our customers' repeat purchases and their Loyalty towards us, we have initiated this Customer Loyalty Program from April 2015, and recycled over 10,000 plastic packaging.

Certified Organic Cow Farm

Certified by ‘Jaivik Bharat’ our cow farm is located in lush green hills of Sahyadris about 20 kms from Pune city. Indigenous cows graze in open orchards and with no boundaries, their milk is of A2 variant, is of utmost pure quality. Cow by-products like cow dung and urine make excellent fertilizers for organic farming. Organic Aloe vera ,lemons, adulsa, papaya and many more raw materials used in products are grown here. We have cultivated over 300 medicinal trees, unique in characteristics, and focused on  increasing the biodiversity of this area.


Green Pharmacy takes care of nature and tries to contribute towards preserving and restoring it. All Green Pharmacy premises are powered by solar energy. We use e-vehicles within our premises, charged using solar energy. Rain water is harvested in large quantities and then used for watering plants, washing the premises and vehicles. The organic (natural) waste post production is used as a vermicompost in our farm. All our customers can return used empty packaging in exchange for loyalty points. These empties are sent for recycling.

Suvarnaprashan, Panchakarma and Ayurvedic Clinic

Suvarnaprashan is the immunity supporting dose comprising of Suvarnabhasma, A2 Ghee, Agmark Honey and some medicinal herbs. About 700 children visit our Karvenagar store every month on the auspicious day of Pushyanakshatra. On this day, our body’s ability to absorb the properties of gold is the highest,  and is given to kids from 0 to 13 years.

Private Labelling

Amoha Herbals is our contract manufacturing service. Brands can get their products manufactured at our one of a kind manufacturing facility under their private label. All R&D, Licencing, Procurement and branding support is provided in house.