Pavitra Dhoop

Agnihotra is a Vedic ritual performed for healing and purification of the atmosphere. The offering of Panchamrut in homa is said to win over negative energies, for victory in all endeavors, house warming and to encourage good vastu.

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With goodness of Panchamrut, govarya, medicated oil, kapoor this Charcoal free dhoop makes environment bacterial free. And an addition of Akshata, guggul, till, jav, dhoop and ral makes it more divine.

Govarya, Medicated oil, Kapoor, Panchamrut (Ghee, Curd, Honey, Milk, Sugar), Akshata, Guggul, Till, Jav, Dhoop, Ral.

Incense stick should glow red all over the tip for proper burning. Caution: keep out of children’s reach. Make sure the ash falls on the fire proof surface.