Amore Fruity Blast Face Wash

Provides natural face lift, reboots & refreshes, clears clogged pores.


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Amore fruity blast foaming face wash is specially formulated for all types of skin. It contains papaya extract to give your skin soft, silky and glowing complexion. While Orange extract unclogs skin pores by removing all pollutants and makeup remnants.Along with cleansing, it also nourishes the skin and provides necessary vitamins to the skin.

Orange extract, papaya extract,SLES,aqua SF1,CAPB,cocodi,PQ 39,Xylitols,glycerine,PQ 7, DMDMH,TEA, globules,EDTA, colour & perfume.

Squeeze out small quantity of face wash on your palm. Gently work up a lather using circular motion and rinse with water.