Sunburn & Tan Removal

Sunburn & Tan Removal
    • Aloe vera Gel


      Aloe vera enjoys superhero status among all skin and hair care herbs and ingredients, and rightfully so. Aloe vera gel offers great protection for your skin, especially from suntan and burns. This means Aloe vere gel is a must-have in your pocket everytime you go out in the scorching summer sun.  [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Aloe Vera Sunscreen Lotion


      Aloe vera is well known for its natural moisturizing and sun screening characteristics. At Green Pharmacy, our SPF 30 sunscreen lotion contains 78% aloe vera extract for the best protection.  Also, this is a non-staining lotion that will stay on your face even when exposed to sweat or water. So, say goodbye to skin damage and help your entire family…

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