Pain relief Oil & Balm

Pain relief Oil & Balm
    • Shothahar Lepa


      ‘Shotha’ means Inflammation and ‘Har’ means to defeat or overcome, that’s Green Pharmacy Shothahar Lepa for you.  An anti-inflammatory plaster that is natural, organic, and completely safe to use. Infused with herbs and medicinal plants with anti-inflammatory properties, just applying lukewarm paste of the Shothahar Lepa on the area of swelling or inflammation should provide fast-acting and sustained relief. [sc…

    • Pain Balm


      Green Pharmacy’s Pain Balm is a versatile remedy for a wide range of minor health problems like headaches, stiffness, sprains, and even blocked noses.  Unlike chemicals, a single medicinal herb can tackle a wide range of problems. Kapoor’s aroma can help open blocked noses and offer relief from cold. Combined with Nilgiri tel, Pudina extract, Ovaphool, Nutmeg and Clove oil,…

    • Prasarini Liniment


      Useful in Muscular Pain, Sprain, Joint pain & stiffness. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Mahanarayan Tel


      Along with sesame oil and 28 assorted herbs and spices with medicinal properties, Mahanarayan Tel contains whole milk of Desi cows. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

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