Dry and Frizzy Hair

Dry and Frizzy Hair
    • Amore Smooth Intense Conditioner


      No shampoo routine is every complete without the conditioner, which means you need to complement our AMORE range of shampoos with Green Pharmacy’s AMORE Smooth Intense Protein Conditioner. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Coconut Oil {खोबरेल तेल}


      Green Pharmacy’s Coconut Oil is the undisputed leader of the rare category of ‘cooking + beauty’ oils.  Coconut oil is a great beauty oil that can be applied to our hair and skin. It nourishes the connective tissues in our skin, helps maintain the pH balance in our scalp, and has antiseptic properties.  [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Panchagavya Hair Conditioner


      Our Panchagavya hair conditioner contains extracts of gomutra and pachagavya ghee obtained from desi breeds of cows. Indigenous to our climate and surroundings, these ingredients will be significantly beneficial compared to conditioners with harsh chemicals.  For best results, use this conditioner with our awesome range of A2 Panchagavya cosmetic products including shampoos, hair masks, bathing bars, and a lot more.  …

    • Silky Intense Shampoo


      Shampoo is just soap for your hair, right? Wrong! Green Pharmacy’s AMORE Silky Intense Protein Shampoo is a lot more than just a cleansing agent for your hair. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Tender Coconut Shampoo


      The tender scalps of your little ones deserve nothing but the best, which is why Green Pharmacy’s Tender Coconut Shampoo is the smartest choice you can make.  A mild and tearless shampoo, we guarantee a happy and tear-free experience that will make bathing and shampooing so much fun for your kids.  [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

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