• Aloe Vera Cream


      If you really care for your skin’s health, then you just cannot afford to ignore Green Pharmacy’s Aloe Vera Cream. Containing Herbal extracts and medicinal compounds, aloe vera has always been an integral part of every effective skin care routine.  [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Amore Rich Velvet Cream


      The phrase ‘Beauty Sleep’ takes on a whole new meaning with Green Pharmacy’s AMORE Rich Velvet Night Cream. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Amore Sparkling Glow Cream


      Yearn to restore your skin’s original complexion that has been dulled by dust, grime, and pollution? Well, Green Pharmacy’s AMORE Sparkling Glow Skin Lightening Cream is just the thing for you. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Amore Time Reversing Cream


      Here’s a nifty little time machine designed specially for your skin— Green Pharmacy’s AMORE Time Reversing Complete Correction Cream. Our skin bears the brunt of your stress-filled life with tons of responsibilities along with the dirty air and polluted environment we live in. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Keshar Badam Cream


      Here’s a KBC where everyone is a winner! Green Pharmacy’s AMORE KBC —Keshar Badam Cream combines the magic-life power of saffron with the goodness of almond oil to create the perfect face cream for you. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Amore Intimate Touch Cream


      Transform your routine skin massage into a wellness experience with Green Pharmacy’s AMORE Intimate Touch Chocolate Massage Cream. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Amore Moisture Enrich Cream


      There are cold creams and then there is Green Pharmacy’s AMORE Moisture Enrich Cold Cream. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Rose Cream


      Green Pharmacy’s Rose Cream is 70% rose petals infused into vanishing cream to give you the medicinal and aromatic benefits of the rose flower for your skin. [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Fruit Massage Cream


      Containing raisin and almond oil is a soft cream base, our fruit massage cream offers multiple benefits and will enhance the overall quality of your skincare regime. Dried grapes are very cooling, and its nutrients help maintain the elasticity of our skin. And almond oil is a rich source of nutrients, including Vitamin E, to our skin. Combining these two…

    • Sandal Facial Cream


      It’s time to cleanse your face and restore its natural beauty and glow with Green Pharmacy’s Sandal Facial Cream. We combine sandal with different herbs, spices, and ingredients with each addition serving a specific aspect of skincare. Anantamool and Manjistha are herbs that will heal and restore your skin while Rose petals and Ambehalad will bring out the natural glow.…

    • Panchagavya Cream


      Gomutra has powerful antiseptic properties, which means this cream offers the double benefits of moisturized and soft skin that is better equipped to tackle minor infections and other such skin problems.  Gentle yet effective, our cream is safe and suitable for the entire family, which means the A2 range of products is all that your family needs.  [sc name="offerimage"][/sc]

    • Psorbate Cream


      There are many Indian spices and medicinal herbs that are effective in treating skin ailments. We have combined some of the most potent herbs in Psorbate cream to give you an effective and easy-to-use remedy.  Extracts of neem, halad, bawchi, gulvel, and other herbs in Karanj tel will give you quick and sustained relief from skin disorders. From too much…

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