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1  SKIN CARE    
1.1 Daily Bath    
  • Abhyanga  Tel
Whole body massage
  • Abhyanga  Utane
Herbal scrub
  • Panchamrut  Soap
Sulphate free mild soap
  • Protective  Powder
Deodorant talc
1.2 Facial    
  • Lemon Cleansing Milk
Removes dirt, dead cells and make up
  • Fruit  Massage  Cream
Facial, pedicure, manicure
  • Chocolate  Face  Pack
Face pack for dry skin,
  • Aloe vera Peel off mask
Tightens facial skin
  • Sandal  Facial  Pack
Face pack for oily skin
  • Khus Water
Skin toner
1.3  Daily Facial Care    
  • Aloe vera Soap
Moisturising soap
  • Sand Scrub
Deep cleansing face wash for oily skin
  • Ubtan Cream
Face wash for dry skin
  • Aloe vera Cream
All day skin care
  • Saffro Gel
Complexion care of oily skin
  • Keshar Badam Cream
Complexion care for dry skin
  • Rose  Water
1.4 Special Skin Care    
  • Rose Cream
Complexion care
  • Aloe vera Sunscreen Lotion
Sun protection factor 30
  • Aloe Cucumber Moisturiser
Moisturiser for dry skin or dry season
  • Sandal Facial Cream
Anti-wrinkle night cream
  • Lavender Cream
Under eye circles
1.5  Minor  Skin    Complaints    
  • Neem Karanjel Lotion / Soap


Useful in minor skin ailments
  • Aloe Neem  Handwash
Waterless hand sanitiser
  • Dashanga Lepa
Useful in pimples and acne
  • Kumkumadi  Tel
Helps to control pimples and marks
  • Protective  Cream
Protects from insect bites
  • Shatadhauta  Ghruta
Cracks, boils and allergy
2. HAIR CARE    
2.1 Dandruff, Itching, Lice and Nits    
  • Karanjel  Kapoor  Tel
Tel Anti-infective hair oil
  • Aloe vera Gel
Cleansing moisturiser
  • Soapnut Shampoo
Prevents dandruff
2.2 Premature Greying    
  • Medicated Mehendi
Dyes hair naturally
  • Tender Coconut Shampoo
Mild, tearless shampoo
2.3 Hair loss and Daily Care for Dry and Dull Hair    
  • Korphad Tel
Roiling therapy for hair loss
  • Instant  Shikakai
Cleanses and conditions hair
  • Bilayer Conditioner
Non sticky hair tonic
  • Heena Conditioner
After shampoo hair conditioner
2.4 Daily Care for Oily Hair    
  • Green Hair Oil
Cooling head massage
  • Keshya Hair Pack
Herbal hair conditioner
  • Jaswand Gel
Pre wash hair conditioner
  • Hibiscus Hair  Styling  Gel
Hair styling and setting
  • Aloe vera Shampoo
Moisturising shampoo
1.1 Baby Care    
  • Balguti (set of 20 dry herbs), Balguti Syrup and Bal Songati (Tablet)
Tonic for babies
  • Ova  Arka
Ayurvedic gripe water for stomach pain and gases
  • Bal  Sanjivan  Syrup
Mild Laxative
  • Baby Massage Oil
External tonic for babies
  • Dhooriche  Sahitya
Anti-infective Fumigation
  • Baby Massage Oil
External tonic for babies
1.2 Pre and Post Delivery Tonics for Mother    
  • Shatavari  Kalpa
Easily digestible tonic, to be added in milk
  • Balant  Battisa
Post-delivery tonic
  • Shatavari  Tel
Tones up muscles
  • Pachak  Supari
Mouth freshener and digestive
  • Chyavanprash
Tonic to improve immunity
  • Greenfit  Granules
Fitness Supplement in milk
  • Brahmi  Kalpa
Balanced mind and body
  • Agmark  Honey
Medicinal food
  • Agmark  Saffron
Natural flavour and colour
  • Amla Juice and  Syrup
Improves metabolism
  • Dadim  Syrup
Tonic for blood
1.2. Oral Care    
  • Marble  Tooth  Powder
Cleanses gums and teeth
  • Haridradisar  Gandush
Herbal gargle and mouthwash
1.1 Acidity    
  • Avipattikar  Churna  and Tablets
Instant relief from acidity
  • Amla  Tablets
Antacid and ant debility
  • Moravala
Reduces tendency of acidity
1.2 Cooling    
  • Gulkand
Cooling diet
  • Tulas  Bee  and  Sabja Bee
Bulk forming cooling laxative
  • Kokam  Syrup
Refills electrolytes
  • Khus  Luffa
Perfumes water
1.3 Indigestion, Loss of Appetite    
  • Ale  Limbu  Pachak
  • Hingashtak  Churna
Digestive and carminative
  • Badishep  Arka
Carminative for gases
  • Amla  Supari
  • Pachak  Vati
1.4 Diarrhoea and Dysentery    
  • Dadim Avaleha
  • Bael Syrup
Normalises gastric movements
  • Triphala Churna and Kadha
Safe Laxative
  • Gandharva  Haritaki
  • Castor  Oil
1.6 Diabetes    
  • Jamun  Juice
Diabetic food
  • Madhuhar Churna and Tablets
Normalises sugar level
1.7 Obesity    
  • Rohini Vati
Cholesterol control
  • Aloe vera Juice
  • Guggul Lotion
Useful in excessive fats and stretch marks.
1.8. Cough, Cold, Fever    
  • Adulsa syrup
Expectorates cough
  • Sitopaladi Churna
Respiratory tonic
  • Eladi  Vati
Throat soothing
  • Khokla  Kadha
Sugar free cough syrup
  • Tulas  Ras
Improves immunity
  • Amrutdhara
Respiratory stimulant
1.9 Pain and Arthritis    
  • Pain Balm
Headache, stiffness, sprain
  • Mahanarayan  Tel
Useful in joint pains
  • Shothahar  Lepa
Anti-inflammatory plaster
  • Prasarani Liniment
Useful in muscular pain
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